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Residents Abroad

Residents Abroad is a non-profit organization founded in Belgium by residents for residents. Behind the scenes an enthusiastic team of young physicians is working passionately to promote global health. Concerned with our education and global mobility, we feel our residency is lacking in international training experience. We strongly believe that medical training should include a worldwide exchange of skills, people and research. In order to change the current state of events, we have joined forces with fellow doctors and others professionals to create our change vessel:

Residents Abroad.

Our Beliefs

At Residents Abroad we believe that: 

  • facilitating interactions between care workers on a global scale enhances the quality and quantity of care;
  • stimulating global exchanges of people and knowledge builds towards an equity in chances and support;
  • participating in international collaboration makes us stronger as a whole and inspires innovation;
  • global interactions are the foundation of universal health coverage.
Our Vision

Residents Abroad aims to create opportunities for care workers that enrich their education and stimulate international collaboration. Our goal is to inspire a global medical community rooted in curiosity, mutual respect and generosity.

Our Values


DJ Lola Haro supporting Residents Abroad

Dj Lola Haro supporting Residents Abroad at Klub Dramatik Festival

Internationalisation of our specialist training

When organizing an international rotation, both finding an interesting position and sorting out the necessary paperwork can be a time consuming and expensive hassle. We want to help you with both.

This page is a work in process and a joint effort! If you’ve been somewhere and want to support others going to the same location.
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