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Residents Abroad

Residents Abroad is a new online platform that aims to provide doctors the opportunity to conduct humanitarian missions or international rotations during his or her training.
Our objective

We want to provide young physicians the opportunity to conduct at least one international or humanitarian rotation during his or her training.
Scientific research emphasizes the educational value of an international experience.1,2 Therefore, we would like to offer doctors a chance to train, teach and connect with other health workers across the globe.

By doing so, we can take part in improving global health.

1: Bale A, Sifri Z. Surgery resident participation in short-term humanitarian international surgical missions can supplement exposure where program case volumes are low. Am J Surg. 2016; 211: 294-299.

2: Harfouche M, Krowsoski L, Goldberg A, Maher Z. Global surgical electives in residency: The impact on training and future practice. Am J Surg. 2018; 215: 200-203.

Our strategy

Our non-profit online platform wants to connect residents with existing international rotations or fellowships and offer administrative support. 

We want to put internationalisation of the medical speciality training on the Belgian political agenda.  Therefore, we build coalitions with universities and governmental bodies. We participate in professional groups and cooperate with VASO (Vereniging van Arts-Specialisten in Opleiding).

We raise financial means and provide scholarships to facilitate young doctors undertaking unpaid clinical work abroad.

In 2020 we will organise a congress concerning internationalisation of the medical speciality training and the benefits and pitfalls of humanitarian medical electives.

DJ Lola Haro supporting Residents Abroad

Dj Lola Haro supporting Residents Abroad at Klub Dramatik Festival

Internationalisation of our specialist training

When organizing an international rotation, both finding an interesting position and sorting out the necessary paperwork can be a time consuming and expensive hassle. We want to help you with both.

This page is a work in process and a joint effort! If you’ve been somewhere and want to support others going to the same location.
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